Do I need a Clerk of Works?

Over the last few years, increasing concerns about building safety and stricter regulations have led many in the construction and architecture sectors to call for the use of more onsite Clerk of Works professionals. If you’re planning a construction project you might be considering whether you need a Clerk of Works on your site. In this blog we take a closer look at what the role involves and the benefits of this service, to help you decide.

What does a Clerk of Works’ role involve?

A Clerk of Works provides an independent assessment of building work undertaken, checking quality of materials and workmanship, M&E, structural and architectural works. As well as ensuring that the construction is taking place in accordance with the client’s specifications, they ensure that the projects conform with building regulations.

What are the benefits of employing a Clerk of Works?

  • A Clerk of Works acts as your eyes and ears on site, reviewing the work as it progresses and ensuring that it is on budget and on schedule, so you can reassure your client they are getting the best quality work and value for money.
  • They will look for any potential defects in the building and design, flagging any concerns during the construction process, so they can be addressed immediately, preventing delays and additional costs further down the line.
  • Often architects’ time spent on site is limited and they do not carry out site inspections unless paid to do so. A Clerk of Works ensures the building work is being completed to the design specification in their absence.
  • It is often unclear whether the responsibility of meeting building regulations lies with the client, designer or contractors. A Clerk of Works offer a designated person to take on this role, liaising with the relevant parties, to ensure standards are followed and quality is maintained

If you’re aiming for the highest quality standards on your construction project, a Clerk of Works should be an essential member of your site team.

At KTA Structures we value quality in construction. Our team of qualified and experienced surveyors provide a comprehensive Clerk of Works service, ranging from reviewing drawings and specifications to quality control monitoring on-site. Get in touch to find out more.

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