Brewery Tap Ware

Project Details
KTA were engaged on this project to assess the cause of the movement in the front facade of a listed public house in Ware where the bay window framing was buckling. This project required an initial survey and assessment of how the structure was originally designed to work and how it had been modified over time. Several intrusive surveys were carried out to identify the original structural fabric of the building. The survey led to a re-focus of the investigations away from the original concerns around the damaged bay window structure over the left opposite side of the building where a corroded steel frame had been exposed which supported most of the front fa├žade of the building. The timber framing adjacent to the steel frame was also exposed and identified as having been inadequately altered in the past allowing the building to drop at his location. Further investigations identified that the central structural timber wall stud work was rotten at its base causing the central wall to drop. KTA provided a sequence of repair work to be approved by the conservation officer, KTA then designed the temporary works to support the front section of building while the damaged structural steels and timbers were removed and replaced. The repairs were carried out to replace the steel frame and timber studs and the cladding re-instated.
Project Challenges
Coordinating the intrusive survey with the conservation officer so that the existing structural fabric could be assessed and later designing a suitable conservation repair solution for the damaged elements
Greene King
Ware, Hertfordshire